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Danilo the Dragon Tattoo Coiffeur

22 Dec

Many years ago when I was assisting Trish Summerville with No Doubt, I had the opportunity of working with the fabulous and extremely talented Danilo (who was doing Gwen’s hair..gosh I’m dropping a lot of names today). It’s important to note that fashion is not just about clothes, but the whole look- and hair is essential. Danilo is a master at his craft and was a fundamental part in the creation of the Lisbeth Look in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I love reading about the artists creative process and this link below from gives some Danilo insight. Danilo gets a Big Mohawk Star!

Danilo, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

H&M/GirlDragonTattoo by Trish Summerville clothing finally here!

16 Dec

I have to admit that I was a day late hitting the H&M store looking for the my very much anticipated GDT by Trish Summerville clothing line, but I was out of town for work so I had a good excuse. I went to my favorite London department store, Selfridges, where I heard they were carrying the collection. This in itself is a testament to the quality and competency of the design. I know it’s a womens line but I was excited to see if anything could stretch or maybe was “oversized” and might fit me. No luck for a tall chubby boy. I loved the hoodie/wrap/sweater with bits unraveling- very clever. I think if I wet it and stretch it and never wash it, it might fit me. There was only one left, which was on the mannequin, and the main Oxford Circus H&M was sold out too. The wedge boots are one of my favorite pieces; distressed grey leather with a wrap around strap and the heel has a kind of  subterranean studs…really beautifully done and for the price they’re a must for a fashion forward femme. I was really sad about the denim jacket w/ leather sleeves…it’s sooo good and I want one sooo bad! The leather jackets and leather leggings are really must have pieces. They are so well designed for the lady who has some kick ass confidence. I think I’m going to buy 2 of the black sub-studded belts and have my shoe repair guy sew them together so it will fit me, that way I can have my own H&M/Dragon Tattoo/TrishSummerville design. Great collection: Big Leather Studded Star!

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Dragon Tattoo-London Red Carpet G-ssp!

15 Dec

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has premiered in London (and by now, because I’m so late, NYC too). I was lucky enough to attend the London premiere and thankfully none of the paparazzi got my pic because you know how annoying that is. Actually, I had my date take pix and they turned out blurry; c’est la vie. The movie was awesome, as expected.  Before the movie, inside was a enclosed VIP fancy champagne area, which I wasn’t allowed in because I didn’t have the “right” tickets- but I couldn’t drink anyway because I had a 5am pickup for the airport…and I don’t like those schmoozy Hollywood types anyway…yea yea. I was happy to find that they had Green & Blacks organic chocolate waiting for us at our seats…random, but a little something special for a chocoholic. As far as the red carpet goes, the leading ladies were gorgeous but otherwise it was mostly a disappointment. Rooney Mara looked spectacular in a white Givenchy gown which was a nice contrast to her dark character.  Joley Richardson had a piece of art on in her diamond shaped paillette Louis Vuitton dress(pix don’t do it justice). The rest of the “celebs” were typical UK B-listers with sale-rack lame dresses (secretly I love tacky/slutty ladies..soo camp!). How do these people get invited to these things? Eww! They are so tacky. Anyway, sadly I couldn’t make the after-party because I really was getting picked up at 5am to work in Milan & I had to be rested. I’m sure it was a fun party with all those tacky ladies who probably got drunk and danced on the tables showing everyone their spanx …which I could see peeking out already on the red carpet. Even though my name didn’t make the credits, I’m giving The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo big bloody stars!!

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Designer Trish Summerville Talks Girl w/ Dragon Tattoo Fashion!

7 Dec
Yes she’s gorgeous, and she’s my BFF: its Trish!

Designer Trish Summerville Reveals H&M’s Secret ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Connection (Video)
Source: If you’re a big fan of David Fincher and are dying to see his The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo when it opens on Dec 21, you may already know that the film’s costume designer, Trish Summerville, has designed a small collection of hard core neutral separates for Swedish retail clothing giant H&M – leather jacket, wool coat, skinn

Watch This: Heartbreaking & Powerful!!!

4 Dec

This is an fashion/art blog and I’m posting this kids video? This boy has created with all his force an amazing piece of art. This is so intense & disturbing and at the end I found myself holding on to the hope you see in this kid’s eyes. I’m putting this out there, as he did, to teach and make you aware of things we don’t always see. This is life, this is art. I’m sending my love and energy out to Jonah and those like him. He is a star!

update from Jonah:

Mert & Marcus Brilliance (Kate bugs)

3 Dec

I love love love this cover of the new Vogue Paris, December 2011. Brilliantly done image by Mert & Marcus of Kate Moss ala Ziggy Stardust. Yes, she’s done a version before for the May 2003 Vogue UK, but here it’s just so sublime. Kate Moss bugs the bejeezus out of me, but damn she can take an amazing pic (some photoshopping of that worn down party-girl face helps). She is a beautiful lady, but I think I get annoyed with people that are so toxic and are successful and are excused in the world of their adverse ways because they are famous. I know that’s totally being judgmental, which I hate that I do, and I have to admit I’m jealous too- because we all know that any negative comment about someone else has a relation to yourself- but I’m just being honest. Regardless, big star for this!

Still thinking about Madame Gres

2 Dec

I found this video of the Madame Gres retrospective earlier this year in Paris. I had a chance to see it and it was truly amazing, so much so that it’s still on my mind.

The museum itself was the studio of the French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle and now houses his works. His immense and dense sculptures created a perfect environmental balance for the Madame Gres fashions, which are so delicate and refined. The Madame Gres pieces were grouped by color which was such a brilliant idea in order to see how she used color and shades and how they were complimented with accent colors. They are truly works of art.

Just thought I’d post something I found interesting as a true combination of fashion and art.