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British Fashion Awards…gorgeousness

30 Nov

There were so many outstanding amazing gorgeous outfits at the British Fashion Awards, I decided to pick my 2 “loves” look and 1 “sad” look. I had to pick my #1 seriously-fantastic-I’m-dying look to be that of Daphne Guinness in Gareth Pugh…sick super constructed sculptural fashion. Her highness of fashion, Daphne, is always a winner in my book. Then in a close second is the stunning Kristen McMenamy in a dreamy creamy Alexander McQueen…winter white has never looked so chillingly thrilling! These 2 are perfect examples of how to have your hair done to the level of your outfit. Surprisingly so many red carpet fails are because the hair & makeup don’t match up to the level of the outfit. Which brings me to my Sad look of the night…it’s hard to write because I love the lady, but she looks like she’s in pyjamas with a print that hurts my eyes to look at…ok, it’s Stella McCartney. I still like her and there are worse looks, but I guess I’m just disappointed and I’m sure she could care less if a chubby mexican doesn’t like her expensive outfit. I don’t really care about the actual winners at the awards: it’s all about the red carpet. Big stars for Daphne & Kristen.

Lisbeth’s Looks Link

29 Nov

I’m totes (totally) obsessed! Here’s a link to the actual pieces from the H&M the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo collection by Trish Summerville. I just don’t understand why it would first come out in a Toronto newspaper??? No offense to Canada, but u know what I mean.

GALLERY: Want to look like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander?.

Colette, Paris premieres the Girl With Dragon Tattoo/H&M collection by Trish Summerville

29 Nov

Renowned Paris fashion mecca, Colette, has debuted the H&M collection for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Trish Summerville. I think the collection is absolutely amazing. Ok, I haven’t actually seen it yet, but Trish is one of my bffs & I had a chance to work on the film with her, so I got a chance to see Lisbeth Salander’s wardrobe up close and personal.  I absolutely loved what Trish did for the character…and the clothes for Daniel Craig/Blomkvist are perfect for me – I’m hoping there’s a production wrap sale. I wish there was a mens line too, but maybe I will have to sew a few things together to fit me. I was going to post pix from the wardrobe trailer and fun behind the scenes with Trish stuff, but I’m afraid of being sued by the production. Trish is a brilliant designer and stylist and always throws a creatively unique view in her work so I’m really excited to see the collection, which comes to an H&M near you on December 14th! This gets a Big ol’ Platinum Star!

from Colette: Paris store with GDT

GDT/H&M/Trish@ Colette

HLNH (Helmut Lang Notting Hill) party!

28 Nov

The new Helmut Lang store in Notting Hill had a little soiree last week and I’m only just getting around to giving the dish in a quick little re-cap. Lots of chatting with gorgeous women drinking champagne. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take pix until towards the end at which time I was on about my 1ooth glass of champers so they aren’t the best or most focused pix. The beautiful Amelia Powers was superb as my fit model and wowed in everything I had her slip on. Our hostess for the evening, American producer Marie Soto, was debating over the most delicious grey-cracked-leather- shearling-lined hooded jacket. I assured her that if she just took her VAT to the little window at Heathrow it would make the jacket so much more affordable. If they had a womens XXL I probably would have bought the same thing. The event was lots o fun and I love that I have new friends in the ladies of HLNH.

This gets a big star…I love this video

26 Nov

American Music Awards 2011- a Fashion Tragedy…no stars

23 Nov

I’m sorry to say that my first post is about the very recent American Music Awards that was one of the worst red carpet fashion shows ever. I am only posting 2 pictures…no one else is worth mentioning. So the first pic is Justin B and Selena G: please, am I supposed to take these 2 seriously…maybe if I was pre-teen! Why does the stylist for these kids want to play dress up with them?? They look like they are in the junior high production of some James Bond movie. Poor Justin’s jacket doesn’t even fit him. Then there is the best dress of the night…but it looks horrible on the lady wearing it. Kimberly Perry (I have no idea who she is) is wearing a gorgeous Bottega V dress, but bless her heart, its too much for her. You got to learn how to work it Kimberly. Next time first watch ANTM or some RuPaul’s Drag Race. Not to mention that Emma Stone already wore the dress to the MTV awards…stylist needs to give you a discount. Everyone else was ok or blah. I do love Jennifer Hudson and now she’s skinny, but her dress looked like a leftover JLo dress. No stars for anyone.

Hello world!

23 Nov