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Big Big Big Congrats: Costume Designers Guild Award Winners!

22 Feb

Big Big Big congratulations to Trish Summerville, Arianne Phillips and Lou Eyrich who all won last night at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in their catagories: Trish Summerville, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Excellence in Contemporary Film; Arianne Phillips, W.E.-Excellence in Period Film; and Lou Eyrich & Jennifer Eve- Glee, Outstanding Contemporary Television Series and Lou also received the Career Achievement in Television Awards. Whew…that’s a lot of celebrations and accolades. It was so sweet for TGWTDT actress Rooney Mara, director David Fincher & producer Cean Chaffin to show up and give Trish their support. They are all so deserving! I’m sending my love & best wishes overseas to these talented and inspiring friends… I wish I was there to give you kisses and hugs!

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Dragon Tattoo-London Red Carpet G-ssp!

15 Dec

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has premiered in London (and by now, because I’m so late, NYC too). I was lucky enough to attend the London premiere and thankfully none of the paparazzi got my pic because you know how annoying that is. Actually, I had my date take pix and they turned out blurry; c’est la vie. The movie was awesome, as expected.  Before the movie, inside was a enclosed VIP fancy champagne area, which I wasn’t allowed in because I didn’t have the “right” tickets- but I couldn’t drink anyway because I had a 5am pickup for the airport…and I don’t like those schmoozy Hollywood types anyway…yea yea. I was happy to find that they had Green & Blacks organic chocolate waiting for us at our seats…random, but a little something special for a chocoholic. As far as the red carpet goes, the leading ladies were gorgeous but otherwise it was mostly a disappointment. Rooney Mara looked spectacular in a white Givenchy gown which was a nice contrast to her dark character.  Joley Richardson had a piece of art on in her diamond shaped paillette Louis Vuitton dress(pix don’t do it justice). The rest of the “celebs” were typical UK B-listers with sale-rack lame dresses (secretly I love tacky/slutty ladies..soo camp!). How do these people get invited to these things? Eww! They are so tacky. Anyway, sadly I couldn’t make the after-party because I really was getting picked up at 5am to work in Milan & I had to be rested. I’m sure it was a fun party with all those tacky ladies who probably got drunk and danced on the tables showing everyone their spanx …which I could see peeking out already on the red carpet. Even though my name didn’t make the credits, I’m giving The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo big bloody stars!!

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