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Catching Fire Clothing & Style Award Honoree: Trish Summerville Rocks

4 Sep


Trish Summerville is at it again! She has now designed a line of clothes inspired by Catching Fire: Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville. Trish is working with Net-A-Porter, which will sell the line exclusively. I am so excited to see the collection because I know that the movie will show the cutting edge fashion eye that Trish is known for & the line will surely reflect that. Her capsule collection based on her last film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, was a mega hit for H&M so Net-A-Porter is smart to have done this collaboration.

Trish is also being honored as Costume Designer of the Year at the 10th Annual Style Awards to kick off New York Fashion week! Congratulations Trish!

I don’t know how she does it all especially while currently in pre-production for the new David Fincher film Gone Girl. She’s a talented powerhouse and I’m sure many more great things will be coming from her!

Here’s the link to some info on Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville :


Here are some exclusive behind the scene photos that Trish posted on her Instagram from the early stages of the Catching Fire film.

Catching Fire Wardrobe Catching Fire Wardrobe

Good one: Margiela for H&M!

13 Jun

H&M announced yesterday that Maison Martin Margiela will be doing a line for them launching in November. Oh I’m gonna be one of those crazy people waiting in line for this one! At my local H&M I have noticed the large amounts of unsold mens Versace & Marni, but I think Margiela is more translatable for this market. The men’s Versace was nice, but had some chacha elements that probably would go off better in Miami than London. The Marni was great, but maybe not great enough, I didn’t feel compelled to buy anything…and I’m speaking for the mens stuff, which is always a bit disappointing compared the the womens designs.



H&M/GirlDragonTattoo by Trish Summerville clothing finally here!

16 Dec

I have to admit that I was a day late hitting the H&M store looking for the my very much anticipated GDT by Trish Summerville clothing line, but I was out of town for work so I had a good excuse. I went to my favorite London department store, Selfridges, where I heard they were carrying the collection. This in itself is a testament to the quality and competency of the design. I know it’s a womens line but I was excited to see if anything could stretch or maybe was “oversized” and might fit me. No luck for a tall chubby boy. I loved the hoodie/wrap/sweater with bits unraveling- very clever. I think if I wet it and stretch it and never wash it, it might fit me. There was only one left, which was on the mannequin, and the main Oxford Circus H&M was sold out too. The wedge boots are one of my favorite pieces; distressed grey leather with a wrap around strap and the heel has a kind of  subterranean studs…really beautifully done and for the price they’re a must for a fashion forward femme. I was really sad about the denim jacket w/ leather sleeves…it’s sooo good and I want one sooo bad! The leather jackets and leather leggings are really must have pieces. They are so well designed for the lady who has some kick ass confidence. I think I’m going to buy 2 of the black sub-studded belts and have my shoe repair guy sew them together so it will fit me, that way I can have my own H&M/Dragon Tattoo/TrishSummerville design. Great collection: Big Leather Studded Star!

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Lisbeth’s Looks Link

29 Nov

I’m totes (totally) obsessed! Here’s a link to the actual pieces from the H&M the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo collection by Trish Summerville. I just don’t understand why it would first come out in a Toronto newspaper??? No offense to Canada, but u know what I mean.

GALLERY: Want to look like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander?.