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Healing PTSD: A Family’s Experience with War and Recovery

28 Jan

I have started on as a contributor for the blog Duct Tape & Bubblegum. It’s a fun variation on the self-help blog circuit. Please take a look at my first piece:


Healing PTSD: A Family’s Experience with War and Recovery.

Coco Was a Nazi?

19 Jan


Well I guess I’m way behind on this topic, but I just saw a post about Chanel being a Nazi & I thought it was a joke…apparently not. The book Sleeping With The Enemy; Coco Chanel’s Secret War by Hal Vaughan came out in 2011, and I missed it. In the very little bit of research I just did, it seems Chanel’s anti-semitism and her Nazi connections were fairly well known. I’m not a big big Chanel fan and I think it’s because it’s one of those brands that every wannabe & posh girl desperately wants a bag of, so I automatically hate it. Plus every “fashionista” in an attempt to sound knowledgeable gives that one famous Chanel saying about taking one thing off before going out (I refuse to give the actual quote). I don’t know much about Coco Chanel and I didn’t even bother with the Audrey Tautou film or the Shirley MacLaine Lifetime TV movie…I guess I really don’t care. Now I have to say, I’m intrigued. I’ll wait for the “Coco-was-a-Nazi” movie to come out in the next few years, I’m sure it will be much more interesting than the previous versions.

Frida Kahlo Wardrobe Revealed!

11 Jan

I would love to be able to see this fashion exhibit of the late, great artist Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving: The Dresses of Frida Kahlo. I have a feeling it will inspire some designers for next season! I found some gorgeous Frida inspired photos.

Frida Kahlo Fashion Exhibit Opens in Mexico City – ABC News.

Under Boob- fashion forward or slutty?

10 Jan

Today I noticed all the online articles raving over Beyonce on the cover of GQ Feb 2013. I clicked on to check it out. I do love Beyonce and she does look amazing in the shoot. She’s sexy & her body’s phenomenal- especially after having a baby recently (which was a key point in many reviews). What annoys me about all this press is that years ago when I was working with Xtina, she was dragged over the coals because of her outfit she wore to the MTV Awards 2002  was deemed skimpy(aka slutty) and showed under boob -gasp. I remember in the fitting she pulled up the scarf to show her under cleave and I laughed and did a “no-no that’s too much” disapproving nod. I was surprised when she came out on the red carpet with the under boob look. I was thinking “Aye Dios Mio, she’s going to get fashion-killed over this”- which did in fact happen. But it was also a time when her outfits were kinda “fuck it-I’m having fun” and fun we were having, even with the bad press. Plus I love hooker-couture…it’s amusing and it upsets all the fuddy duddy fashion people.  Cut to 11 years later and Beyonce is in some sort of mini-short-thong and crop top showing her under boob cleavage and being praised. I know it’s part timing (fashion has progressed & accepted slutty), part Americas darling (everyone loves Beyonce…Christina not so much), part attitude portrayed (yes we know Christina is a bitch), and part editorial-vs-redcarpet (do you dare wear that in public?); but I find it slightly annoying still. The press is the press and I guess that’s one reason I started my blog so I can express my views, which are usually contradictory to the main stream press (I always love the Worst Dressed best). My last comment is on why does every “celeb mom” do a sparsely dressed magazine shoot after they had a baby? It’s a little sad that they feel they have to prove to the public that they are still sexy even though they are mom’s. But that’s a different topic. I have to give stars to Beyonce because she always looks stunning & I have to give Christina a star too because she started the look.