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The Look Works, but lets move on

26 Jan

Watching red carpet (my fave thing since I’ve worked so many) I know you always hear me say, “seen it”. I’ve been wanting to do a little write up on a look that I absolutely love, but it’s really time to put it away now, just for a little while. The simple, yet dramatic black gown paired with emerald earrings is stunning and  definitely a winning look. I first remember it on Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2009. Who doesn’t remember the statuesque queen-of-the-red-carpet in that strapless Elie Saab gown, hair swept up and back- framing the over-sized teardrop emerald earrings (fyi:$2.5mil) by Lorraine Schwartz….well  straight guys probably wouldn’t remember…but I do. Watching the 2010 Golden Globes I saw a similar look on Michelle Lea. Good interpretation. Michelle looked quite regal in her black strapless Oscar de la Renta ball gown and her diamond and emerald Chopard teardrops. Just a few weeks ago I noticed Deborah Messing AND Julianne Moore in the look at the 2012 Golden Globes. Debra amp’d it up by doing amethyst, emerald and blackened platinum earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.  Julianne Moore did some gorgeous beaded emerald tassels by Fred Leighton. I’m not complaining, but I guess I kinda am complaining. The look works – no doubt about it. And if I have to pick a “best of” it would be Queen Angelina…she started it and killed it! Although the combo of black dress/emerald earring is a winner, I would really like to not see it again for a while. It’s a unique look that’s not so unique anymore (note to stylists getting paid thousands to know this).

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Givenchy Sickness!

26 Jan

Oh wow! Have you seen the Givenchy Spring Couture 2012 collection? It’s absolutely sick with a wicked elegance. Riccardo Tisci did an amazing job with another superb collection. 10 pieces, wham bam thank you couture..its all you need. Check out the Vogue link below. Givenchy Couture gets a BIG star!

Givenchy Sp12 Couture close up

Pixie Lott: How NOT to Have a Makeover

22 Jan

I was at the gym this morning doing my cardio when a video came on the monitor. I couldn’t imagine another typical blond pop singer without individual style was on the scene. I turned off my Carrie Underwood (yes I work out to country sometimes…’Jesus take the weights’) and waited for the credits…its was Pixie Lott. Pixie Lott has had a lot of success here in the UK and now I believe they are pushing her over in the states. Good for her. My problem is with who ever is dealing with her image. In this new video for “Kiss The Stars” she looks made-over by a very big budget glam squad and production designer. Either she’s completely ignorant of fashion/image/etc, or her people are… or all the above. Its probably one of those do-whatever-your-told-by-the-record-label situations because now she retains none of the cute pop-semi-hipster girl she was (which actually wasn’t unique either) and is now another bad derivative act in the age of Gaga. The sad thing is that that my first impression was that this video was for Kitty Brucknell. I say sad because it would have been a great video debut for Kitty, but not for Pixie-who’s already been on the scene a while & should know better. If you don’t know who Kitty is, she was a crazy (but quite good) contestant on this past season of X Factor UK. I love Kitty, and when I was watching the video at the gym thinking it could be her I was happy she “made it” (she came in 4th or 5th place?). I also knew that Kitty in all  her Gaga-wannabe-ness was still much more creative than this redundant-ill-conceived-madonna-kylie-gaga-video. When I saw Pixie Lotts name on there I was disappointed. It seems most UK stylists lack creativity and it shows here. I can’t think of one British act, besides Adele, that has an individual style. Poor Pixie looks like an X Factor wanna-be with a bit more money. Hey Pixie, I’m available for next time. No star for Pixie and her production team.

Nom’s for Costume Designers Guild Awards! Trish! Arianne! Lou!

19 Jan

The nominations from the Costume Designers Guild are in and 3 friends are nominated! My girl Trish Summerville is nominated for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Category: Excellence in Contemporary Film)!!! Woo hoo! Who else could have made Rooney Mara into the deep & dark Lisbeth Salander?! I have to say , she had an awesome crew 😉  Arianne Phillips is nominated for W.E. (Excellence in Period Film). Ari did a magnificent job recreating that elegant fashion period of the super chic 30’s. And Lou Eyrich is nominated for Glee w/ her co-designer Jennifer Eve-who I don’t know but congrats Jennifer (Category: Outstanding Contemporary Television Series)!!! Every episode of Glee is a major event and these 2 ladies have done a superb job making this exhausting task look effortless. Go girls! Thank goodness they are all in separate categories because I did not want a high fashion cat fight to break out! I am really proud of my friends who are all hard working, super dedicated, incredibly talented and most importantly, very loving people that are amazing in every way. I can hardly wait for the plus 1 invitations to roll in…or at least a detailed report of the festivities. Good luck ladies!

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watch: W.E./Madonna Video w/ the Amazing Arianne Phillips Costume Designer

18 Jan

I am a big fan of this 30ish vintage fashion that I’m sure will be making a huge comeback. It already is being seen on the runways like in Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 collection and some elements in Dior. My old boss and friend and also the movies costume designer, Arianne Phillips makes her debut in the first scene of the video with M looking at her laptop. By the looks of the clips I’ve seen, Arianne did an amazing job creating this complex and magnificent look for the film. I’m already in love with so many outfits in the film like that vertical zigzag pattern suit…amazers!! Hopefully she will be recognized by the big wigs with an Oscar nomination and win. Arianne  has a few Oscar nominations (Walk the Line & A Single Man) and I hope this will be “the one”. Team Ari! So excited for W.E. to come out! You are a Star Ari!

Ask Ugeta: Lisbeths sexy lingerie!

17 Jan

Good question:

Congrats to her (Trish Summerville) on a marvelous job on The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo! I just saw the film and was very impressed by how accurately her on-screen style meshed with my vision while reading the book. Doesn’t always happen that way.

I am curious to know what the cream lingerie set was that she selected for Lisbeth to wear on her Zurich trip. It was to die for! I’d appreciate it if you could let me know. A special event is coming up and it might be fun to replicate the wardrobe, so to speak.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Steph, I like you already. You have a good eye and you seem to know some sexy-sexy-luxury when you see it. We shot that at the stunning hotel, The Dolder Grand in Zurich, and I wished they showed more of that alluring outfit in the environment of that gorgeous room. I loved clothes for Irene Nesser, (which is Lisbeth Salander fancy designer dressed alter ego) because I love some glam with my goth. The cream lingerie set was by Agent Provocateur, of course. AP is really the premiere high end sexy lingerie brand. I would suggest another company but if you want the best you have to pay for it, and it can get pricey. You can try their website or Net-a-Porter, which I will attach links below. I would love to see what you end up with and I bet it will be a very very special event! I know this picture is not the same outfit used in the movie, but I just love everything Agent Provocateur makes and wanted to post a pic.

sexy cream Agent Provocateur lingerie


Ask Ugeta: Get Daniel Craig’s Blomquist Look

17 Jan

A new question about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fashion:

I am writing to compliment Trish Summerville on the stunning work she did on Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I just came out of the theater and for whatever reason, I was truly impressed with the cohesive and extraordinary work she did for this movie.

I’m also curious if she’s posted online a run down of Daniel Craig’s looks in the film? Casually elegant gentlemen, like myself, are in need of some direction! 🙂

Kind regards,

Well Justin, Daniel Craig is a suave man indeed and his clothing from the movie is very wearable & relatively easy to get. Now get your credit card ready. On an earlier post only a few days ago I mentioned Mr. Craigs casual shirts being from either Steven Alan or Save Khaki and his shawl collar sweater being Margiela. I have to say that I loved his jeans and I’m pretty sure he loved them too because he was photographed constantly outside the movie set in them. The jean brand is named Scotch and Soda and they really know how to cut a good fitting jean…but Daniel Craig would look great in anything. He also had a great pair of carmel color boots he wore a lot that I also loved; they were like an ankle oxford. These were by Crockett & Jones which you can get at Barneys, or if you’re in  NYC or London they have their own stores. He also wore a black leather round toe lace up ankle boot by Fiorentini & Baker and a grey suede lace up boot by Costume National. Depending on where you live, I know there are Steven Alan stores in LA and NYC. Scotch and Soda are at various department stores like House of Fraser in the UK or Nordstroms in the US. I will attach links for other online shopping sites like Asos and Revolve that carry a great selection of stuff. I hope this helped you become a bit more casually elegant, and if you’re asking the question I’m pretty sure you’ve got it in you.

Daniel Craig in Scotch & Soda