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Dia de los Muertos Inspired Craft Art

29 Oct

I love Dia de los Muertos, maybe because I’m a Mexi, but also because I love the acknowledgement of the Spirit of our loved ones that have passed on. Just a few days away, DDLM has inspired me to create some amazing handmade hoodies & also pillows. These are my “art”. I love the process of making them: finding fabric, making patterns, embroidering, and even beading. They aren’t just for DDLM, but in appreciation for Spirit that is with us everyday, so are these created for the everyday…and Christmas is just around the corner, so order now! Happy Halloween & Dia de los Muertos!

You can see more at my website:

Tea Box Art

25 Oct

I love finding art in the most unexpected places. When I was on my tour of newly remodeled downtown LA, my friend Sandeep took me into his local grocery store, Urban Radish. It’s what I imagine Whole Foods was like when it was just a new concept store. Everything looks interesting because there are no big name products & everything looks fun & artsy & it’s organized with the impeccable aesthetic of the Barney’s shoe department. Sandeep suddenly notices this shelf of tea that were just gorgeous & we instantly went into a rave art critique of the exquisite boxes. We were in awe. They are handcrafted & each one is unique with images of giraffes, boating, bicycling through the village, collecting coconuts, etc. It’s called Ajiri Tea & the boxes are made by the women of the Kisii community of Kenya. The company empowers the local women by giving them jobs in the creation & design of this tea & its packaging. These artisans blow away some of the people I went to art school with. The designs are images of everyday life in this little African community and are made from banana tree bark. Proceeds go back into the community by the hiring of the local women and education of orphans. I have my box of tea on display in my kitchen. I spent $9 and got a great piece of art (& great tea too). You can buy online: ck the link below.

Contemporary Murals in LA

24 Oct

Los Angeles has long been known for its murals which stem from early Chicano street art & gang graffiti. On my recent, and too short, trip to the city of angels, I was downtown visiting a friend and discovered a plethora of amazing & beautiful murals. Downtown has blossomed and it’s decorated in an equally exuberant manner. Unfortunately I was in a rush and some photos I took from the car window as I quickly passed.

I am also including a wonderful piece that is actually a sort of a mural in its own right (since it also functions as the back wall of the store). The giant curtain painting, done by artist Sandeep Mukherjee, is the centerpiece of a new clothing store called Guerilla Atelier. I was photographing a mural across the street & the stores large garage-door entrance attracted me. As you walk in the store you can’t help but see this giant mesmerizing abstract painting that not only dwarfs the racks of hip clothes, but it frames them as if they are miniatures in a diorama. The curtain is black burlap and Sandeep used bleach as paint to get the effect of his flowing gesture that vibrates behind the stillness of the racks of denim jeans and wool dresses. It’s definitely worth a look for the fashion and art if you’re in the neighborhood.