H&M/GirlDragonTattoo by Trish Summerville clothing finally here!

16 Dec

I have to admit that I was a day late hitting the H&M store looking for the my very much anticipated GDT by Trish Summerville clothing line, but I was out of town for work so I had a good excuse. I went to my favorite London department store, Selfridges, where I heard they were carrying the collection. This in itself is a testament to the quality and competency of the design. I know it’s a womens line but I was excited to see if anything could stretch or maybe was “oversized” and might fit me. No luck for a tall chubby boy. I loved the hoodie/wrap/sweater with bits unraveling- very clever. I think if I wet it and stretch it and never wash it, it might fit me. There was only one left, which was on the mannequin, and the main Oxford Circus H&M was sold out too. The wedge boots are one of my favorite pieces; distressed grey leather with a wrap around strap and the heel has a kind of  subterranean studs…really beautifully done and for the price they’re a must for a fashion forward femme. I was really sad about the denim jacket w/ leather sleeves…it’s sooo good and I want one sooo bad! The leather jackets and leather leggings are really must have pieces. They are so well designed for the lady who has some kick ass confidence. I think I’m going to buy 2 of the black sub-studded belts and have my shoe repair guy sew them together so it will fit me, that way I can have my own H&M/Dragon Tattoo/TrishSummerville design. Great collection: Big Leather Studded Star!

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