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Trish Summerville on Popsugar

5 Sep

Trish Summerville, Costume Designer for Catching Fire talks about process and development of characters

Catching Fire Clothing & Style Award Honoree: Trish Summerville Rocks

4 Sep


Trish Summerville is at it again! She has now designed a line of clothes inspired by Catching Fire: Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville. Trish is working with Net-A-Porter, which will sell the line exclusively. I am so excited to see the collection because I know that the movie will show the cutting edge fashion eye that Trish is known for & the line will surely reflect that. Her capsule collection based on her last film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, was a mega hit for H&M so Net-A-Porter is smart to have done this collaboration.

Trish is also being honored as Costume Designer of the Year at the 10th Annual Style Awards to kick off New York Fashion week! Congratulations Trish!

I don’t know how she does it all especially while currently in pre-production for the new David Fincher film Gone Girl. She’s a talented powerhouse and I’m sure many more great things will be coming from her!

Here’s the link to some info on Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville :


Here are some exclusive behind the scene photos that Trish posted on her Instagram from the early stages of the Catching Fire film.

Catching Fire Wardrobe Catching Fire Wardrobe

Trish Summerville, Catching Fire Costume Designer, Talks Fashion at Comic-Con

21 Jul
I totally stole this from her instagram @mztsummerville

I totally stole this from her instagram @mztsummerville

The cast of Catching Fire (ie. my fave Jennifer Lawrence) along with Costume Designer Trish Summerville  were at Comic-Con this weekend in San Diego. I know Trish will be taking the look of the Hunger Games 2 film to a new level of couture, honey! There is a website just for the Catching Fire fashion called Capitol Couture that has some gorgeous and absolutely stunning stuff! I love the amazing and innovative designers Summerville used in the film like Walter Van Beirendonck, Tex Saverio, and the great McQueen- to name just a few! Trish’s last film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, was a big fashion hit for her and Catching Fire is going to be even more fashion influential!

I would totally wear this!

I would totally wear this!


More ‘Catching Fire’ Autograph Signings at SDCC.

Big Big Big Congrats: Costume Designers Guild Award Winners!

22 Feb

Big Big Big congratulations to Trish Summerville, Arianne Phillips and Lou Eyrich who all won last night at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in their catagories: Trish Summerville, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Excellence in Contemporary Film; Arianne Phillips, W.E.-Excellence in Period Film; and Lou Eyrich & Jennifer Eve- Glee, Outstanding Contemporary Television Series and Lou also received the Career Achievement in Television Awards. Whew…that’s a lot of celebrations and accolades. It was so sweet for TGWTDT actress Rooney Mara, director David Fincher & producer Cean Chaffin to show up and give Trish their support. They are all so deserving! I’m sending my love & best wishes overseas to these talented and inspiring friends… I wish I was there to give you kisses and hugs!

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Nom’s for Costume Designers Guild Awards! Trish! Arianne! Lou!

19 Jan

The nominations from the Costume Designers Guild are in and 3 friends are nominated! My girl Trish Summerville is nominated for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Category: Excellence in Contemporary Film)!!! Woo hoo! Who else could have made Rooney Mara into the deep & dark Lisbeth Salander?! I have to say , she had an awesome crew 😉  Arianne Phillips is nominated for W.E. (Excellence in Period Film). Ari did a magnificent job recreating that elegant fashion period of the super chic 30’s. And Lou Eyrich is nominated for Glee w/ her co-designer Jennifer Eve-who I don’t know but congrats Jennifer (Category: Outstanding Contemporary Television Series)!!! Every episode of Glee is a major event and these 2 ladies have done a superb job making this exhausting task look effortless. Go girls! Thank goodness they are all in separate categories because I did not want a high fashion cat fight to break out! I am really proud of my friends who are all hard working, super dedicated, incredibly talented and most importantly, very loving people that are amazing in every way. I can hardly wait for the plus 1 invitations to roll in…or at least a detailed report of the festivities. Good luck ladies!


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Ask Ugeta: Lisbeths sexy lingerie!

17 Jan

Good question:

Congrats to her (Trish Summerville) on a marvelous job on The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo! I just saw the film and was very impressed by how accurately her on-screen style meshed with my vision while reading the book. Doesn’t always happen that way.

I am curious to know what the cream lingerie set was that she selected for Lisbeth to wear on her Zurich trip. It was to die for! I’d appreciate it if you could let me know. A special event is coming up and it might be fun to replicate the wardrobe, so to speak.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Steph, I like you already. You have a good eye and you seem to know some sexy-sexy-luxury when you see it. We shot that at the stunning hotel, The Dolder Grand in Zurich, and I wished they showed more of that alluring outfit in the environment of that gorgeous room. I loved clothes for Irene Nesser, (which is Lisbeth Salander fancy designer dressed alter ego) because I love some glam with my goth. The cream lingerie set was by Agent Provocateur, of course. AP is really the premiere high end sexy lingerie brand. I would suggest another company but if you want the best you have to pay for it, and it can get pricey. You can try their website or Net-a-Porter, which I will attach links below. I would love to see what you end up with and I bet it will be a very very special event! I know this picture is not the same outfit used in the movie, but I just love everything Agent Provocateur makes and wanted to post a pic.

sexy cream Agent Provocateur lingerie




Ask Ugeta: Get Daniel Craig’s Blomquist Look

17 Jan

A new question about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fashion:

I am writing to compliment Trish Summerville on the stunning work she did on Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I just came out of the theater and for whatever reason, I was truly impressed with the cohesive and extraordinary work she did for this movie.

I’m also curious if she’s posted online a run down of Daniel Craig’s looks in the film? Casually elegant gentlemen, like myself, are in need of some direction! 🙂

Kind regards,

Well Justin, Daniel Craig is a suave man indeed and his clothing from the movie is very wearable & relatively easy to get. Now get your credit card ready. On an earlier post only a few days ago I mentioned Mr. Craigs casual shirts being from either Steven Alan or Save Khaki and his shawl collar sweater being Margiela. I have to say that I loved his jeans and I’m pretty sure he loved them too because he was photographed constantly outside the movie set in them. The jean brand is named Scotch and Soda and they really know how to cut a good fitting jean…but Daniel Craig would look great in anything. He also had a great pair of carmel color boots he wore a lot that I also loved; they were like an ankle oxford. These were by Crockett & Jones which you can get at Barneys, or if you’re in  NYC or London they have their own stores. He also wore a black leather round toe lace up ankle boot by Fiorentini & Baker and a grey suede lace up boot by Costume National. Depending on where you live, I know there are Steven Alan stores in LA and NYC. Scotch and Soda are at various department stores like House of Fraser in the UK or Nordstroms in the US. I will attach links for other online shopping sites like Asos and Revolve that carry a great selection of stuff. I hope this helped you become a bit more casually elegant, and if you’re asking the question I’m pretty sure you’ve got it in you.

Daniel Craig in Scotch & Soda












Ask Ugeta: Daniel Craig’s Shawl Collar

15 Jan

Here’s our first question:

I recently seen the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and loved ALL of Daniel Craig’s wardrobe I was hoping you had some information you could share with me on where the various pieces came from?

I’m particularly interested in his shirt’s and shawl cardigans but as I mentioned I loved it all, any information you have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in anticipation

Well Simon, Daniel Craig’s Blomquist character wore some very downplayed designer duds. Mr. Craig knows how to pull off sexy, rugged, and fearless. In the movie he made comfy sweaters look dashing & I wanted all of Blomquists clothes myself. I know one of his great shawl collar sweaters that costume designer Trish Summerville purchased was Maison Martin Margiela, and his casual shirts were by Save Khaki and Steven Alan . I have found a great current sweater similar to Blomquists by Vince (Barney’s carries it). Shawl collar sweaters, especially cardigans, are very in style this year so I don’t think you should have too much trouble finding one. I included some links below for you to check out.

I think I’m going to give shawl collars a big star for this season! I think I just like saying “shawl collar”. shawl collar.






Ask Ugeta: fashion questions answered!

15 Jan

Ok, I’ve got a new project. I’m starting a question & answer section called “Ask Ugeta”. Ok, maybe it sounds like a characters name from a Tyler Perry film, but it’s obviously based on my blog “You Get A Star”. It will start as a collaboration with Trish Summerville, the costume designer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She has been inundated with questions regarding fashions from the film and after a few chats the idea came up to feature them here.

I was lucky enough to be a costumier in the wardrobe department of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo under the direction of costume designer Trish Summerville. I actually have been even luckier to work along side Trish as her assistant on and off for many years, working on projects from Wasteland (a short lived ABC TV show), to Lady Marmalade (one of my all time faves) and now The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…with lots of videos, commercials & photo shoots in between. Trish has a keen eye, a strong will & a unique understanding of style.

I look forward to working on this new venture. Please email any questions to : dannyhernanny@gmail.com

Old cronies w/ big hair, circa 2004

Danilo the Dragon Tattoo Coiffeur

22 Dec

Many years ago when I was assisting Trish Summerville with No Doubt, I had the opportunity of working with the fabulous and extremely talented Danilo (who was doing Gwen’s hair..gosh I’m dropping a lot of names today). It’s important to note that fashion is not just about clothes, but the whole look- and hair is essential. Danilo is a master at his craft and was a fundamental part in the creation of the Lisbeth Look in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I love reading about the artists creative process and this link below from ModernSalon.com gives some Danilo insight. Danilo gets a Big Mohawk Star!

Danilo, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.