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Memories, Dreams, Reflections; Ed Ruscha’s Hollywood Blvd.

25 Apr

Ed Ruscha Landscape

Here’s an eloquent homage to Hollywood by Ed Ruscha: Hollywood Boulevard 1973 and 2002

Madonna’s PopUp Personal Collection @ Macy’s in LA!

23 Apr

MGmadonnaexhibit_001 madonna04

I wish I was in LA right now, not only for the margaritas at Marix, or the sun shining down on me as I hike Runyon Canyon, but to see Madonna’s personal costume collection at Macy’s in Century City! There is a short 2 hour pop up show of her outfits this Thursday April 25th from 6-8pm. She apparently chose the pieces with a little help from her stylist/costumer and old friend and boss of mine, Arianne Phillips. This is all to boost and promote the Material Girl collection, which is a pretty brilliant idea if you ask me. Let me know if you go and see the show. I’m sure it will be jammed packed at Century City all day, but it will be worth it if you’re a Madonna devotee (i.e. the gays).

Check out the link to read the full article in WWD:



Basquiat Has New Old Work

8 Apr

basquiat gun

Surprise; Basquiat’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Adler, has a house full of his old and unseen work. He even painted a mural on her apartment wall that’s still there. And girl bought that apartment thanks to god because it’s worth a fortune now. She seems to have good plan. Currently she is organizing the material for a book on the collection and most likely a sale to ensue. It’s pretty admirable of her to hold on to it for so long (about 30 years) and not profit from it when she could have in the height of the art market. I think she’s doing it in a very respectable way. The article is found in the link below.

I remember when I moved to LA in the early 90’s and even though I loved his work the art school discussion on him was already tired out, but I was still intrigued by the rumor going around school that his gallery dealer ____ locked Basquiat in his studio and basically fed him piles of coke until he finished the work for the show… which probably didn’t take too long. Anyway, that’s just hearsay, but juicy gossip at the time and it seemed valid because my friend ____ knew ____; where apparently he got the story from. It will be interesting to see what this early work looks like, although probably not too different because he did do that thing where he got stuck making the same painting over and over again (Rothko comes to mind) because it sold so well. I just hope it doesn’t bring a resurgence of wannabe artists painting faux-naive stick figures with faux-naive text next to them.