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Pixie Lott: How NOT to Have a Makeover

22 Jan

I was at the gym this morning doing my cardio when a video came on the monitor. I couldn’t imagine another typical blond pop singer without individual style was on the scene. I turned off my Carrie Underwood (yes I work out to country sometimes…’Jesus take the weights’) and waited for the credits…its was Pixie Lott. Pixie Lott has had a lot of success here in the UK and now I believe they are pushing her over in the states. Good for her. My problem is with who ever is dealing with her image. In this new video for “Kiss The Stars” she looks made-over by a very big budget glam squad and production designer. Either she’s completely ignorant of fashion/image/etc, or her people are… or all the above. Its probably one of those do-whatever-your-told-by-the-record-label situations because now she retains none of the cute pop-semi-hipster girl she was (which actually wasn’t unique either) and is now another bad derivative act in the age of Gaga. The sad thing is that that my first impression was that this video was for Kitty Brucknell. I say sad because it would have been a great video debut for Kitty, but not for Pixie-who’s already been on the scene a while & should know better. If you don’t know who Kitty is, she was a crazy (but quite good) contestant on this past season of X Factor UK. I love Kitty, and when I was watching the video at the gym thinking it could be her I was happy she “made it” (she came in 4th or 5th place?). I also knew that Kitty in allĀ  her Gaga-wannabe-ness was still much more creative than this redundant-ill-conceived-madonna-kylie-gaga-video. When I saw Pixie Lotts name on there I was disappointed. It seems most UK stylists lack creativity and it shows here. I can’t think of one British act, besides Adele, that has an individual style. Poor Pixie looks like an X Factor wanna-be with a bit more money. Hey Pixie, I’m available for next time. No star for Pixie and her production team.