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Big Big Big Congrats: Costume Designers Guild Award Winners!

22 Feb

Big Big Big congratulations to Trish Summerville, Arianne Phillips and Lou Eyrich who all won last night at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in their catagories: Trish Summerville, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Excellence in Contemporary Film; Arianne Phillips, W.E.-Excellence in Period Film; and Lou Eyrich & Jennifer Eve- Glee, Outstanding Contemporary Television Series and Lou also received the Career Achievement in Television Awards. Whew…that’s a lot of celebrations and accolades. It was so sweet for TGWTDT actress Rooney Mara, director David Fincher & producer Cean Chaffin to show up and give Trish their support. They are all so deserving! I’m sending my love & best wishes overseas to these talented and inspiring friends… I wish I was there to give you kisses and hugs!

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Nom’s for Costume Designers Guild Awards! Trish! Arianne! Lou!

19 Jan

The nominations from the Costume Designers Guild are in and 3 friends are nominated! My girl Trish Summerville is nominated for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Category: Excellence in Contemporary Film)!!! Woo hoo! Who else could have made Rooney Mara into the deep & dark Lisbeth Salander?! I have to say , she had an awesome crew 😉  Arianne Phillips is nominated for W.E. (Excellence in Period Film). Ari did a magnificent job recreating that elegant fashion period of the super chic 30’s. And Lou Eyrich is nominated for Glee w/ her co-designer Jennifer Eve-who I don’t know but congrats Jennifer (Category: Outstanding Contemporary Television Series)!!! Every episode of Glee is a major event and these 2 ladies have done a superb job making this exhausting task look effortless. Go girls! Thank goodness they are all in separate categories because I did not want a high fashion cat fight to break out! I am really proud of my friends who are all hard working, super dedicated, incredibly talented and most importantly, very loving people that are amazing in every way. I can hardly wait for the plus 1 invitations to roll in…or at least a detailed report of the festivities. Good luck ladies!


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watch: W.E./Madonna Video w/ the Amazing Arianne Phillips Costume Designer

18 Jan

I am a big fan of this 30ish vintage fashion that I’m sure will be making a huge comeback. It already is being seen on the runways like in Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 collection and some elements in Dior. My old boss and friend and also the movies costume designer, Arianne Phillips makes her debut in the first scene of the video with M looking at her laptop. By the looks of the clips I’ve seen, Arianne did an amazing job creating this complex and magnificent look for the film. I’m already in love with so many outfits in the film like that vertical zigzag pattern suit…amazers!! Hopefully she will be recognized by the big wigs with an Oscar nomination and win. Arianne  has a few Oscar nominations (Walk the Line & A Single Man) and I hope this will be “the one”. Team Ari! So excited for W.E. to come out! You are a Star Ari!