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Richter Painting Owned by a Celeb is Worth Lots

15 Oct


Seriously? I love Gerhard Richter (ck out my Richter-Tate review, Jan 12), but we all know that the only reason this painting sold so high is because it was owned by Eric Clapton. There, I said it.

Sotheby’s London sells Eric Clapton’s Richter Abstract for record £21.3/$34.1 Million.

Reviewing Richter @Tate Modern

15 Jan

The Tate Modern just ended their Gerhard Richter show & this is my very late review. The exhibition, titled Panorama, spans nearly 50 years of work by Richter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with GR, he’s a brilliant German artist who’s work has made a significant impact on the art world…and- well, just look him up. I remember the short time I was at the Art Academy in Munich, everyone was painting like him, which made me annoyed with his paintings. Kind of like when everyone HAS to see whatever new Tarantino movie- I avoid it. But now I was very excited to see the whole of his work and standing in the snake of a line to get in I finally understood what happens to so many college degreed artists…we are all standing in this line. It was an artsy fartsy festival.

I have to say that even though the space at the Tate was enormous, it felt so squished and too small of an exhibition. I did love seeing his early painted advertisements transition to his blurred images transition to his abstractions. He is a master of the brush as well as the squeegee. Although I was invited to the opening during the whole Frieze Art Fair hoopla, it took me until the day before it ended to visit the show. I regret not coming earlier because the crowds were comparable to Disneyland; good for ticket revenue, but a horrible way to see & experience art.

My favorite pieces were the clouds. There were 3 large panels, a triptych; each one of a very ethereally painted cloud floating in a deep and dense atmosphere of the most sublime teal. I was moved by the contrast of the two parts and how they created such a elegant melancholy. After these clouds though Richter’s famous abstracts came about and then there seemed to be an endless stream of squeegeed canvases. The final room of these gigantic streaks did me in and I quickly scooted passed the GR postcards-keychain type memorabilia and the hordes of people to escape.