Ha Ha Hirst

3 Dec

I try not to find pleasure in the misfortune of others, and its not exactly like Damien Hirst is poor or not famous, but to see his work declining in price makes me smile (see link below). I’m not a fan, obviously. I do admire his career in that he has created a full on empire for his work and developed celebrity status. The other day I was walking down Marylebone High Street & I ran into his shop, Other Criteria. It’s sort of like the Disney store at the mall, but for the artsy fartsy crowd. You can buy a Damien Hirst bracelet, plate, tshirt, & postcards. Why? I don’t know, but apparently someone wants to because it’s been open for a few years. I just find his work so surface and so much about the razzle dazzle…which I guess is the draw to the big crowds because they don’t have to think very hard. Well good for him, but I will take a little guilty pleasure in the fact that his work losing value cuz I don’t have much going on in my life besides who’s going to win Xfactor.



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