Glam Goddess Guinness Garage Sale for charity

13 Jun

Glam Goddess Daphne Guinness is selling off her old clothes…maybe not quite a garage sale but rather an auction at Christie’s London June 27. You know I adore Her-Fashion-Highness Guinness and I love her even more for doing this auction for the Isabella Blow Foundation. This foundation was created to “support aspiring art and fashion students and to facilitate further research in the fields of depression and mental health”. As a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and after years and years of therapy, I admire anyone who promotes any form of higher consciousness. After the  suicides of her friends such as Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen, I’m glad Miss Guinness is doing something positive from such tragedy…which is how to learn and progress in a life lesson (aka: good karma). I have experienced many suicides of friends and family in my life and it’s such a horrible feeling to know a loved one was going through so much inner turmoil and I didn’t/couldn’t know/ help. I was so enamored of McQueen and his art. It so  happened that I was living a few minutes from his home when he died so I walked down to his house (I admit that I Googled it) that afternoon to drop off flowers in homage, & I was surprised to discover this body hadn’t been moved yet. I guess at this point I could go on telling my story (I was interviewed by CNN), but instead I’ll just say how great I think Daphne Guinness is and how much I would loooove to be at that auction, not that I could afford anything, or wear anything 😉 Interesting though that researching other blogs and articles on this auction I realized no one talks about what the Isabella Blow Foundation is; they are all about the sparkly world of fashion, not the reality behind it. That said,  I really wish the auction was at her house and we could go through her closets – oh  I can only imagine the amazing things I would find…and I’m talking shoes you dirty minded people!

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