Colette, Paris premieres the Girl With Dragon Tattoo/H&M collection by Trish Summerville

29 Nov

Renowned Paris fashion mecca, Colette, has debuted the H&M collection for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Trish Summerville. I think the collection is absolutely amazing. Ok, I haven’t actually seen it yet, but Trish is one of my bffs & I had a chance to work on the film with her, so I got a chance to see Lisbeth Salander’s wardrobe up close and personal.  I absolutely loved what Trish did for the character…and the clothes for Daniel Craig/Blomkvist are perfect for me – I’m hoping there’s a production wrap sale. I wish there was a mens line too, but maybe I will have to sew a few things together to fit me. I was going to post pix from the wardrobe trailer and fun behind the scenes with Trish stuff, but I’m afraid of being sued by the production. Trish is a brilliant designer and stylist and always throws a creatively unique view in her work so I’m really excited to see the collection, which comes to an H&M near you on December 14th! This gets a Big ol’ Platinum Star!

from Colette: Paris store with GDT

GDT/H&M/Trish@ Colette

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